Jamrock Reggae #Emission4

Playlist de l’émission du 06/05/2020

***Spéciale Vivian Jackson AKA Yabby You***

Conquering Lion – Vivian Jackson & The Ralph Brothers
Walls of Jerusalem – Yabby You meet King Tubby
Love of Jah – Vivian Jackson & The Prophets
Covetous Men – Vivian Jackson & The Prophets
Anti Christ – Vivian Jackson & The Prophets
Beyond the Hills – Vivian Jackson
Get Lost Babylon – Vivian Jackson
Jah Vengeance – Yabby You & The sons of Jah
Natty Dread on the Mountain Top – Tappa Zukie
Freshly – Dillinger
Man of the Living – Wayne Wade
King Tubby Special – King Tubby
Deliver Me From My Enemies – Vivian Jackson & The Prophets
King Pharaoh’s Plague – The Prophets & Trinity
Jesus Dread – Trinity meets Dillinger
Chant Down Babylon Kingdom – The Prophets & Trinity
Warn the Nation – The Prophets
Run Come Rally – Vivian Jackson & The Prophets
Born Free – Michael Rose
***Côté culture***
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Jamrock Reggae

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